ATX Speed & Strength Case Study

01 Introduction


ATX Speed and Strength is owned by Dunte Hector, an Austin-based coach who specializes in developing college and adult athletes balancing busy lives. Like myself, he’s an autodidact in his trade.

His original website was incoherent, outdated and slow – often taking 8+ seconds to load. Dunte wanted an upgrade, a modern website that displays content in a way that makes sense to his target audience.

02 Definition

Wireframe A
Wireframe A
Wireframe B
Wireframe B (Cropped)
Wireframe C
Wireframe C (Cropped)

Dunte likes that close to 100% of his athletes are referrals. It leads to a high coach-athlete match success rate. Instead of focusing on volume and selling to audiences he doesn't cater to, the website should attract athletes who want to get stronger and faster.

As we talked through his primary objectives (e.g. provide training information, showcase clients athletes that match his target audience), I created wireframes that put those objectives front and center.

03 Design

Photo Unretouched
Home Photo (Original)
Photo Retouched
Home Photo (Retouched)

Dunte's aesthetic requirements reflects his personal brand: angular, simple, and consistent with his logo. Through the design process, I kept his preferences in mind and paid attention to the details: syncing the color palette to his red-white-black logo, ensuring all buttons and images have angular corners fitted in clean symmetrical layouts, etc.

Among the several photos he provided for the home page, I chose one that not only has red and black, but is also consistent with his objective. Dunte doesn't focus on "look at me" strength, so his muscular physique isn't front and center.

04 Development

Screenshot of Code
Screenshot of WordPress
Screenshot of Live Site
Live Site

One of Dunte's must have is the ability to update his website easily and quickly. He writes training articles that his athletes love, so I integrated his website with WordPress. He wants a photo gallery to showcase his athletes in action but he doesn't want to maintain two galleries, so I installed a plugin that pulls directly from his Instagram account.

Dunte caters to college and young athletes, so having a responsive website was an automatic must.

05 Usability Testing

ATX Speed & Strength Tagline A
Home Page Tagline A
ATX Speed & Strength Tagline B
Home Page Tagline B

Prior to launch, I interviewed 8 users from the target audience pool and gathered key insights that led to design changes. As an example, 5 users described the Articles page (originally called "Educations" which was confusing and vague – another key insight) as overwhelming, so I lowered the number of posts and created a greater distinction between the main and sidebar posts.

Usability testing included testing for content. For example, users overwhelming felt that tagline B on the home page described them better and was more compelling, so we chose tagline B. At the end, we delivered an upgraded website that made sense to his target audience.

06 Final Product

ATX Speed & Strength Home
ATX Speed & Strength Articles
ATX Speed & Strength Photos
ATX Speed & Strength Home (Mobile)
ATX Speed & Strength Articles (Mobile)
ATX Speed & Strength Photo (Mobile)

07 Testimonial

"Lukiih did extraordinary work in both the research and design phases of my website project. Her strongest skills were in level of detail in daily and weekly follow-ups, carefully mapping expectations at every major benchmark, and developing an interface that exactly met my requests for adding and presenting new content. It was easy and pleasant to work with her." - Dunte Hector

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